Colour Specialist Degree

Jess started the 4 month journey of becoming a colour specialist in January 2014. Jess gave up her life for these 4 months and every hour was spent either at work, in London or writing assessments. She had to attend the L'Oréal academy in London every Wednesday where she had a full day of intense learning and training.

The course was very in-depth and Jess now knows the rules of colouring like the back of her hand! She learnt, the understanding the science and chemistry of hair, the effect of natural colour pigments on hair colour, how to formulate to compensate for distribution of natural colour pigments, how to analyse hair to the highest standard and how to colour every head of hair as a Colour Specialist.

Jess has relayed some of the knowledge that she learnt during in-house training sessions and we are seeing amazing Colour results in the salon due to this.

Having a colour speacilist in the salon has had an amazing effect on the other stylists, it has given everyones confindence to push the boundaries of colour!